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Heya! Welcome to my Protfolio. You can call me Cae, I'm also known as FlaringK online, or just Flare. I'm an Australian who likes to make stuff, with experience with front end web development and digital art. I've been messing around and making stuff since 2017 and I don't intend to stop any time soon.

Digital art portfolio

I do a small amount of art from time to time, here's some of my better examples:

Webdesign Portfolio

I also do front end web development!

Flare's CSS textboxes

Importable CSS module that creates multiple menus, text-styles and textboxes for use in MSPFA adventures and beyond!

Classpect Central

A website about Classpects from Homestuck! Made using React JS

Mintendo DS Simulator

The classic handheld from your childhood, simulated on the big screen! Definitely not the famous handheld from another Japanese company.

GIF Stuck

Tired of maually creating the same sylladex over and over? Now you can automate the process with this simple site!

Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy.

A girl dissociates in her apartment and has a generally normal time.

A comic by Juney-Blues

Pictochum Canvas

A retro canvas simulating some Japanese handheld that was pretty cool

Gif analyser

Analyse your GIFs!

Text 2 Textbox

An AutoHotKey script that converts discord messages into undertale textboxes using Demirramon's textbox API.

Zoosmell Pooplord

A mod for the unoffical homestuck collection, replaces every text instance of the beta kids names with their initial, sillier ones

Homestuck POV Cam for UHC

A port of madman-bob's Homestuck POV Cam Chrome extension to the Unoffical Homestuck Collection.

Gdocs to Fiction

Convert Google docs into diffrent formats for fanfiction websites! (Currently pretty broken)

The very website you're looking at! Completely designed and developed by me.

Contact me

If you want to reach me, email me at, or any of my profiles linked at the top of the page.